ALL the Disney World Restaurant Menu Changes From December!

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Hello, DFB Readers! Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season.

Peppermint Cream Cheese Mousse

And now that we’ve eaten SO many holiday treats, we’re ready for all the new snacks 2022 has in store for us. But in the meantime, we’ve also got the latest restaurant menu updates you’ll want to know about — so here’s EVERY menu change we spotted in December 2021.

Chefs de France

We’ve got a load of price increases at Chefs de France. Under “Appetizers,” here’s what’s gone up in price:

  • French Onion Soup increased from $10.75 to $10.95
  • Salade aux lardons et croûtons increased from $10.50 to $10.75
  • Salade de chèvre chaud (Baked Goat Cheese) increased from $14.25 to $14.50
  • Assiette de fromages et charcuteries increased from $16.25 to$16.75

French Onion Soup

Here’s what’s increased under “Entrees:”

The Menu Francais Prix Fixe Meal (which includes Choice of one Appetizer, one Entrée, and one Dessert; plus, a glass of either Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon Georges Duboeuf, or one Non-alcoholic Beverage) has gone up from $59.90 to $63.95.

Filet de Saumon Marine Auvin Blanc et Citron

“Wines” have also seen price increases. Here are those updates:

  • Les Vins des Chefs (Georges Duboeuf Selection, Pays d’Oc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon) Bottle increased from $35.50 to $36.95 and Glass increased from $7.75 to $7.95.
  • ADDED: Carafe for $13.25
  • Champagne, Malard, Excellence, Brut Bottle increased from $96 to $98 and Glass increased from $17.55 to $17.95
  • Champagne, Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, Brut, N.V. Bottle increased from $155 to $158
  • Champagne, Laurent Perrier Rose, N.V. Bottle increased from $225 to $285
  • Champagne, Dom Perignon, 2009 Bottle increased from $560 to $665
  • Bourgogne Blanc, Bouchard Ainé & fils, 2018 Bottle increased from $53.50 to $53.95 and Glass has gone from $11.75 to $11.95
  • Riesling, Alsace, Pierre Sparr, 2017 Bottle increased from $58.95 to $59.95

Beautiful French Bottles of Wine and Spirits

  • L’Opale de La Presqu’ile de Saint-Tropez, 2018 Glass increased from $14.25 to $14.95
  • Gevrey-Chambertin, P. Bouchard, 2016 Bottle increased from $155 to $175
  • Morgon, G. Duboeuf, 2016 Bottle increased from $65.50 to $66.25 and Glass has gone from $13.95 to $14.25
  • ADDED: Château La Gravière, 2018  for $46.95 for a Bottle or $9.95 for a Glass.
  • Château Larose-Trintaudon, Haut-Médoc, 2015 Bottle increased from $96.90 to $98.25
  • Château Baron de Brane, Margaux, 2016 Bottle increased from $155 to $169
  • Château Haut Mondain, 2018 Bottle increased from $56.95 to $57.75 and Glass has gone from $12.50 to $12.95
  • Château Cormeil Figeac, Saint-Emilion, 2011 Bottle increased from $129 to $132
  • Côtes du Rhône, Les Abeilles, J.L. Colombo, 2017 Bottle increased from $52.50 to $54.95 and Glass has gone from $11.50 to $11.95.

Sparkling Wine

Under “Cocktails” and “House Specialties,” here’s what’s changed:

  • Cocktail des Chefs increased from $10 to $10.95,
  • French Martini increased from $15.50 to $15.75
  • St-Germain Cocktail increased from $17.50 to $17.95
  • Kir Royal increased from $18 to $18.25
  • Kir Imperial increased from $18.50 to $18.75
  • Kir au Cassis increased from $9.50 to $9.75
  • Bière Kronenbourg 1664 increased from $8.75 to $9

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Les Vins de Chefs de France

We’re seeing some price increases for Wine at Les Vins de Chefs de France:

  • Merlot, Cabernet, and Chardonnay increased from $7.50 to $7.75
  • Beaujolais Duboeuf, Vouvray Sauvion, and Rosé Côtes de Provence increased from $8.75 to $9.95
  • Côtes du Rhône J.L. Colombo and Bordeaux Château Les Peyres increased from $9.50 to $10.50
  • Orange Slush and Citron Slush increased from $13.50 to $14.50

Orange Slush

  • Le Geant Slush increased from $19 to $19.95
  • Champagne Malard increased from $15.50 to $16.50
  • Kir Royal increased from $16.75 to $17.75
  • Kronenbourg 1664 increased from $8 to $9

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Le Cellier Steakhouse

Le Cellier just added two entrees:

  • Autumn Bison Strip Loin — Celery Root Purée, Butter-braised Carrots and Turnips, Roasted Apples, Cider Reduction, and Seasonal Greens for $52.
  • Pork Two-Ways — Roasted Tenderloin and Braised Pork Belly, Pickled Radish, Celery Root Mash, Quince Chutney, and Natural Jus for $42.

Le Cellier

And there’s an added dessert! The Apple-Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake is made with Roasted Apples, Apple Chips, and Maple Whipped Cream for $13. Yum!

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50s Prime Time Cafe

One of our favorite appetizers has returned to 50s Prime Time Cafe — the Fried Herb and Garlic Cheese! It’s served with is served with Grapes, Apple Slices, a Crostini, and Raspberry Sauce.

It’s BACK!

Two words: fried cheese. What’s not to love?

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Another wine is now available at PizzeRizzo: Copa Di Vino Chardonnay, Oregon, which is a 187 ml glass of Chardonnay with a Tropical Fruit and Buttery Pear aroma overlaid with a smooth, creamy texture for $9.


That’s all that’s new here, though!

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Harambe Market

You can pick up an added lager at Harambe Market: Casa Lager – Morocco 12-oz. Bottle, which is a Pale Lager with faint notes of toasted grain and earthy hops for $9.25.

Harambe Market

That’s the only change here!

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Rosie’s All-American Cafe

There have been some changes on the Kids Menu at Rosie’s All-American Cafe. Here’s what’s different on the Kids Disney Check Meals:

  • REMOVED: Turkey Sandwich
  • ADDED: Cheeseburger – Served with choice of two sides and choice of small lowfat milk or small DASANI bottled water. Meets Disney Nutrition Guidelines for Complete Meals without substitutions for $7.49 (Allergy-friendly version available

Reindeer Mousse at Rosie’s

Under the Kid’s Meals menu, the Chicken Breast Nuggets – 4 pieces is no longer served with Dannon Danimals Smoothie and Seasonal Fruit. It is now served with a choice of two sides and a choice of small lowfat milk or small DASANI bottled water (Allergy-friendly version available).

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Centertown Market

At Centertown Market, the Tomato and Cucumber Salad has been removed from the menu.

Centertown Market

That’s the only update we spotted, though.

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The Mara

We’ve got some changes over at The Mara. Here are some beers that have been added to the breakfast menu:

  • ADDED: Cigar City Jai Alai IPA – Tampa, FL – 16-oz Can – this bigger brother to the Pale Ale employs a significant amount of Hops with high bitterness and Citrus and Floral aroma for $10
  • ADDED: Heineken Lager – Netherlands – 16-oz Can – Golden-colored with flavors that are dry, clean, crisp, and refreshing with subtle bitterness for $8.75
  • ADDED: Yuengling Traditional Lager – Pottsville, PA – 16-oz Can – Fuller flavored with a higher malt presence than Pale Lagers for $8.50
  • ADDED: Coors Light Lager – Golden, CO – 16-oz Can – Golden-colored with Flavors that are Dry, Clean, Crisp, and Refreshing with Subtle Bitterness for $8

The Mara

Here are some other breakfast beverage changes:

  • ADDED: Gold Peak Sweetened Iced Tea and Gold Peak Unsweetened Iced Tea Bottle for $4.19
  • ADDED: Chocolate Soy Milk for $2.99
    ADDED: Schöfferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen – Germany for $10.25
  • ADDED; New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale – Fort Collins, CO for $10

You can also get two snacks for breakfast now:

  • ADDED: Nestle Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar for breakfast, you can now get it for $5.69.
  • ADDED: Luna Bar: Chocolate Dipped Coconut for $1.99.

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Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto

We saw a few changes over at Trader Sam’s, too. Under Appetizers, the Chicken or Tofu Lettuce Cups have been removed from the menu.

Trader Sam’s

And things have been changed under “Cocktails,” too:

  • ADDED: Mele Kaliki-Mai Tai – Plantation Original Dark Rum, Bacardí Superior Rum, Cinnamon, Orgeat (Almond), and Falernum with a splash of Lime Juice and a Cinnamon Stick for $15
  • ADDED: Tropical Snowstorm – Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, Coconut Cream, Cinnamon, Orgeat (Almond), and Falernum topped with Cinnamon and Nutmeg for $15
  • REMOVED: Dark & Tropical Stormy

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Story Book Dining at Artist Point

Story Book Dining at Artist Point has reopened! And there’s an updated prix fixe menu. There aren’t a lot of changes, but here’s what we saw under Appetizers:

  • The Wicked Shrimp Cocktail and the Mushroom Bisque are returning, but the bisque is now called “Wild Mushroom Bisque.”
  • Hunter’s Terrine is now Hunter’s Pie and will is made with turkey, chicken, black truffle, cranberry preserve, and crispy sauerkraut

It’s in a cauldron!

And here are the “Entrees” changes:

  •  “Cottage” Beef Stew has been renamed as “Cottage” Beef Stroganoff
  • Brother’s Grimm Roasted Chicken is now called the Brother’s Grimm Herb Chicken, made with Cauliflower Puree, Roasted Vegetables, and Chicken Jus
  • Magic Mirror’s Slow-braised Pork Shank has also swapped out Celery Root Mashed Potato with Horseradish, Mashed Potato, along with Wilted Greens and Jus
  • REMOVED: Sorceress Spell of Land and Sea
  • NEW: Sorceress Spell of “Tricken” Chicken — served with Herb-Crusted Potatoes, Snap Peas, and Vegetable Jus

A Stroll Through Nature

Desserts mostly remain the same, although the Miner’s Treasures description changed to Cookies ’n Cream Panna Cotta and Chocolate Gems.

Under Non-Alcoholic Drinks, the Wishing Apple Punch decreased from $7 to $5, but no longer includes a Souvenir Glow Cube, which can be purchased for an additional $3.75.

And here’s what’s changed under “Cocktails”:

  • Antidote decreased from$14 to $13,
  • Smoking Mirror increased  from $13 to $14
  • A Brew of Peaches is now made with Jim Beam Black Extra-aged Bourbon instead of Buffalo Trace bourbon
  • Alchemy is made with Tanqueray Gin, as opposed to Uncle Val’s Gin.

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Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory

We’ve got one small change over at Sassagoula Floatworks: The Pimento BLT has been removed from the menu.

Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory

That’s the only change we’ve spotted here, though!

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Boatwright’s Dining Hall

Boatwright’s Dining Hall has also reopened! And it, too, has some menu changes.  Here’s what’s different under Appetizers:

  • REMOVED: Crawfish Bisque
  • REMOVED: Andouille Sausage Cheese Dip
  • REMOVED: Fried Green Tomatoes
  • ADDED: Boudin Balls — A mix of Andouille Sausage, Smoked Sausage, and Dirty Rice Breaded and Fried. Served with Remoulade, Creole Mustard, and Pickled Vegetables for $13
  • French Onion Soup Au Gratin increased from $9 to $10
  • Mardi Gras Fritters increased from $10 to $12
  • Amelia’s Salad increased from $9 to $10

Mardi Gras Fritters

Here’s what’s changed under “Entrees”:

Chef’s Platter

And “Sides” have changed, too:

  • REMOVED: option to add Crawfish Macaroni & Cheese or Lump Crab Cakes
  • REMOVED: Red Beans and Rice

“Desserts” have also seen some updates. This part of the menu is now called “A Finale from the D’Sert Sisters.” Here are the other changes:

  • REMOVED: Lemon Chess Bar
  • REMOVED: Traditional House-Made Bread Pudding
  • Mississippi Mud Creme Brûlée — description changed from a Chocolate Brûlée with a Chocolate Shortbread Cookie to a Chocolate Creme Brûlée with Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Gluten-Friendly Shortbread Cookie, Garnished with Fresh Strawberries and More Ganache
  • Pecan Pie Cheesecake — description changed from Creamy Cheesecake with a Pecan Pie filling topped with Vanilla Chantilly Cream and Spiced Candied Pecans to a Pecan Pie Cheesecake with a Pecan-Graham Cracker Crust  Creamy Vanilla Cheesecake with a Pecan Pie filling, Bourbon-Caramel sauce, and spicy candied pecans

Banana Cream Pie

The Kids’ Menu has seen a huge overhaul. Here’s what’s been updated:

  • REMOVED: Celery and Carrot Sticks with Fat-Free Ranch Dressing
  • REMOVED: Grilled Mahi Mahi
  • REMOVED: Turkey Marinara with Pasta
  • REMOVED: Steak Kabobs
  • REMOVED: Cheese Pizza

Boatwright’s reopening

  • REMOVED: Whole Grain Rice
  • REMOVED: Buttered Elbow Pasta
  • REMOVED: Cupcake
  • REMOVED: Light Lemonade — served in a souvenir character cup with glowing character clip-on light
  • ADDED: Grilled Fish Served with choice of (2) selections and choice of Small Lowfat Milk, Small Dasani Bottled Water, or Small Minute Maid Apple Juice for $12
  • ADDED: Pasta With Marinara — Served with choice of (2) selections and choice of Small Lowfat Milk, Small Dasani Bottled Water, or Small Minute Maid Apple Juice for $10
  • ADDED: Mixed Fruit Cup
  • ADDED: Zero Sugar Lemonade with Flavors of Cotton Candy served in a souvenir character cup for $6.50
  • Grilled Chicken is no longer described as being “skewers”

Let’s head into Boatwright’s!

There are a lot of changes under “Drinks,” too:

  • REMOVED: Specialty Character Drink
  • REMOVED: Mega Berry Smoothie
  • REMOVED: Minute Maid Premium Lemonade topped with a Wildberry Foam
  • REMOVED: Light Lemonade
  • REMOVED: Magical Star Cocktail
  • REMOVED: Abita Big Easy IPA
  • REMOVED: Abita Purple Haze


  • REMOVED: Abita Turbodog
  • REMOVED: Abita Beer Flight
  • REMOVED: Fireball Cocktail
  • REMOVED: Cold Brew XO Patron
  • ADDED: EARidescent Sip-a-bration: Minute Maid Premium Lemonade and Fruity Strawberry Punch, served in a souvenir 50th Celebration cup with a surprise character and a little bit of magic for $10
  • Zero Sugar Lemonade
  • Sazerac is no longer made with Bulleit Rye Small Batch American Whiskey, but instead is made with Sazerac Knob Creek Rye

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Todd English’s bluezoo

There have been some changes over at bluezoo, too. Under “Starters,” we saw these updates:

  • Shrimp Cocktail increased from $18 to $19
  • Greek Style Octopus increased from $15 to $17
  • Teppan Seared Jumbo Sea Scallops increased from $18 to $23
  • Pork Belly Bao increased from $16 to $17

bluezoo bar

Here’s what’s changed under “Flatbreads:”

  • Olive’s Classico increased from $14 to $15
  • Mushroom Maddness increased from $16 to $17
  • Mighty Meat increased from $17 to $18

And the “Soups/Salads” part of the menu has seen some price hikes:

Clam Chowder at bluezoo

Finally, under “Entrees,” we’ve got these changes:

  • bluezoo’s Simply Fish increased from $36 to $37
  • REMOVED: bluzoo burger
  • Cappelletti Pasta increased from $34 to $36
  • Veal Osso Buco increased from $38 to $39
  • Butler Steak increased from $39 to $40
  • Angus Beef increased from $52 to $55

BBQ Swordfish at blue zoo

  • Linguine Con Vongole increased from $26 to $28
  • Steamed Pumpkin Nudi increased from $24 to $26
  • Crispy Skinned Chicken increased from $29 to $30

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Shula’s Steakhouse

We’ve got some changes at Shula’s, too. Under “Appetizers,” here’s what’s different

  • New Orleans-style Shrimp increased from $21 to $22
  • REMOVED: Braised Swedish-style Meatballs
  • ADDED: Maryland-style Crab Cake — Jumbo Lump Crab, Mustard, and Old Bay Seasoning with Rémoulade Sauce for $22
  • ADDED: Thick Cut Nueske’s Bacon — Bourbon-Honey Glaze, Tomato Jam, Cheddar Grits, White Cabbage & Fennel Slaw for $19

Welcome to Shula’s!

Under “Soups and Salads,” this is what has changed:

  • ADDED: Tomato Burrata Salad — Basil Pesto, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinaigrette for $16
  • The Wedge Salad increased from $13 to $15
  • REMOVED: Roasted Beet Salad
  • ADDED: Shula’s House Salad — Tomatoes, Bacon, Ricotta Salata, Carrots, Scallions, Apple Cider Vinaigrette for $14
  • Traditional Caesar Salad increased from $13 to $14

Sports memorabilia can be found all around the restaurant!

Under “Entrees,” we’re seeing these changes:

  • Roasted Brick Chicken increased from $34 to $36
  • Coaches-cut Prime Rib increased from $39 to $41

There’s also a new item under “Sides:”

  • Caramelized Brussels Sprouts — Bacon, Onions, Lemon Juice for $13

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Trail’s End

At Trail’s End, all dinner add-ons have been removed: Half-slab Memphis-rubbed Pork Spare Ribs, Peel and Eat Shrimp, and Cornbread-Crusted Salmon.

Trail’s End ribs

We’re not sure if they’ll be replaced with other add-ons or not.

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Beach Club Marketplace

The breakfast menu at Beach Club Marketplace has added a Mickey Breakfast Pastry Tart, which is a Frosted Breakfast Pastry Tart filled with Guava Filling for $6.49.

Inside the pastry tart

It’s an upgraded Pop Tart, and we are totally okay with that.

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The Edison

We’ve got some price increases happening over at The Edison. Here’s what’s changed on the Patented Specialties menu:

  • Queen Cut Prime Rib increased from $42 to $43
  • Barolo Short Rib increased from $38 to $39
  • Blackened Mahi increased from $32 to $33
  • Grilled Salmon increased from $31 to $32
  • Spare Ribs increased from $35 to $39

The Edison

Under the Patented Partners menu, we spotted a decrease: L. Burbank Hand-cut Fries decreased from $11 to $8. And under Desserts, Shortbread Shortcake decreased from $15 to  $13. The Drinks menu had both price increases and decreases

  • Paloma decreased from $18 to $16
  • Samantha Sterling increased from $16 to $18
  • A Dame’ll Sting Ya increased from $15 to $17
  • The Edison increased from $16 to $17
  • Strawberry Fields Forever increased from $15 to $16

Samantha Sterling Cocktail

  • Patented Old Fashioned increased from $16 to $17
  • Bootleggers’ Basil increased from $15 to  $17
  •  Edison Run’s On… increased from $16 to $22

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Splitsville Luxury Lanes

We’ve got one small change over at Splitsville, but if you’re a fan of the Filet Sliders, we’ve got some bad news — they’ve been removed from the menu.

Filet Mignon Slider

The Rolls Royce Platter is also gone now, too.

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Cookes of Dublin

One restaurant at Disney Springs, Cookes of Dublin, actually had a few price decreases! Here’s what’s changed there:

  • Fish and Chips decreased from $12.95 to $12.45
  • REMOVED: The Dubliner Burger
  • REMOVED: The Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
  • Kids Fish and Chips decreased from $8.95 to $7.95

Fish and chips!

Also, the Luscious Chocolate Brownie has been removed from the menu.

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Vivoli il Gelato

We’ve got new gelato flavors! They include Egg Nog – Zabaione, Yuengling Hershey’s Chocolate Porter. However, the Pumpkin flavor has been removed from the menu. There’s also a new Cabernet Sorbetto to try. But the Pineapple has been removed from the menu.

Founders Porter Gelato

Here’s what’s changed under “Milkshakes:”

  • ADDED: Black Creamy Rose – Vanilla Gelato, Terre Di Bacco Rose Prosecco, Strawberry Sauce and whipped for $17
  • ADDED: Cookies ‘N’ Chianti – Cookies and Cream gelato, Terre Di Bacco Chianti, Crushed cookies and whipped cream for $17
  • REMOVED: Strawberry Banana Split

There are also two new floats:

  • ADDED: The Garage – Lime Sorbetto, Orange Gelato, Big Storm Grapefruit Vodka Soda, Candied Lime for $15
  • ADDED: Strawberry Lynchburg Lemonade – Strawberry Sorbetto and Jack Daniels Lynchburg Lemonade for $15

Corona Lime Beer Float

There’s also been a price increase here: The Espresso Affogato increased from $10.50 to $11.25.

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Landscapes of Flavor

There has been a price increase at Landscapes of Flavor — the Garden Salad increased from $3.99 to $8.99.

Landscapes of Flavor

That’s the only change here, though.

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Lowtide Lou’s

Typhoon Lagoon is reopening on January 2nd, 2022, and ahead of that reopening, we’ve seen a lot of menu updates! Over at Lowtide Lou’s, there have been a lot of changes. Although the Chicken Wrap and Chips have remained on the menu, we’ve seen the following updates:

  • REMOVED: Italian Deli Sandwich
  • REMOVED: Tuna Sandwich with Chips and Grapes
  • REMOVED: Nachos with Cheese
  • REMOVED: Smoked Fish Dip with Crackers
  • ADDED: Shrimp Louie Lettuce Wrap served with Chips for $12.99
  • ADDED: Cauliflower Tabbouleh (plant-based) for $8.99

Lowtide Lou’s Sign

The pretzels also got a price increase:

  • Stuffed Cream Cheese Pretzel increased from $6.59 to $6.79
  • Mickey Pretzel with Cheese increased from $5.99 to $6.79
  • Jalapeno Cheese Pretzel increased from $6.59 to $6.79

Here’s what’s changed with the sweet treats:

  • Nestle Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar increased from $5.39 to $5.69
  • Nestle Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Sandwich increased from $5.39 to $5.69
  • Strawberry Fruit Bar increased from $4.99 to $5.19
  • Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade Cup increased from $5.19 to $5.39
  • Minute Maid Frozen Strawberry Lemonade Cup increased from $5.19 to $5.39
  • Lowfat Milk decreased from $2.99 to $1.99
  • Nestle Nesquick Chocolate Milk decreased from $2.99 to $1.99

Lowtide Lou’s

There are some changes under the Drinks menu, too:

  • Bud Light Lime Lager increased from $8.25 to $8.50
  • Corona Extra Lager increased in price from $8.50 to $8.75
  • ADDED: Michelob Ultra Lager for $8.50
  • Seasonal Draft Beer changed from $7.50-$10.50 to $8.25-$10.00
  • REMOVED: Strawberry Colada (alcoholic)
  • Grey Goose Frozen Black Cherry Lemonade increased from $12 to $14

Lowtide Lou’s

  • ADDED: Pina Colada with Choice of Strawberry or Passion Fruit Swirls for $13
  • Lou’s Wavy Mango Wine Slushy increased from $9 to $10
  • ADDED: Blue Marble Marg or Mojito for $10
  • REMOVED: Beso Del Sol Sangria
  • ADDED: Opici Family Sangria in Red or White for $11
  • REMOVED: Copa Di Vino Merlot
  • ADDED: Copa Di Vino Cabernet Sauvignon for $9

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Snack Shack

All the entrees have been removed at Snack shack, save for one. And the kid’s meals have also been removed. The only entree now available is the new Loaded Nachos with Walt’s Chili for $11.99. And the dessert menu has also drastically changed, removing the Sand Pail and Soft Serve Sundae and Waffle Cone (but still keeping the Chocolate Chip Cookie). But there are some new DOLE Whip snacks to get excited about!


Here’s what’s changed under Drinks:

  • REMOVED: Strawberry Margarita
  • Pina Colada is now made with Bacardi Rum for $11
  • Bud Light increased from $7.75 to $8.
  • ADDED: Habanero Lime Galley Shack Swirl for $13
  • ADDED: Dole Whip Soft-serve (served with alcohol) for $11
  • ADDED: Michelob Ultra Lager for $8.50

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Those are all the changes we had for December, but stay tuned because we’re continuing to track updates on Disney World restaurant menus in 2022, too!

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PHOTOS: Uh…Apparently, You Can Get a HUGE Hotel Room for WAY Less Than You’d Think in Disney World

A tour of a family suite at the reopened All-Star Music Resort!

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9 Times Disney Was Like: “Nailed It!” and Everybody Was All “LOL. Nah.”

Not every choice that Disney World has made over the years has been wise. Today…

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The 10 Most Exclusive Places to Stay in Disney World!

Whether they’re just MEGA $$$, ultra-exclusive, or — in some cases — unbookable, these are…

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Which Service Will YOU Use Once Disney’s Magical Express is Gone?! Our Readers Weigh In!

Find out what most of our readers will be using for airport transportation to Disney…

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5 Hotel and Ticket Deals You DON’T Want to Miss in Disney World This January!

Check out ALL the discounts and deals you can score on Disney World park tickets…

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Review: Why Pink Chicken is Totally NOT a Bad Thing in EPCOT

We ate pink chicken in Disney World and lived to tell the tale (it’s not…

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PHOTOS: New Years Day Crowds Are NOT What We Expected in Disney World

Just how busy is Disney World on New Year’s Day? We headed into the parks…

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What to Do if Your Flight to Disney World is Canceled

Here’s what to do if your flight to Disney World gets canceled!

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A Year of Disney World NEWS. See the BIGGEST 2021 Changes.

We’ve giving you a YEAR of Disney’s biggest news from 2021!

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NEWS: Over 2,400 New Year’s Day Flights Have Been Canceled

Several airlines are delaying or canceling flights on New Year’s Day. Find out what’s causing…

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9 Free Things To Do In Disney World In 2022

It might feel like EVERYTHING at Disney World costs $$$ now. BUT, there are STILL…

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12 Disney Photos That Will Unlock Core Memories You Totally Forgot About

Ready for a heartwarming stroll down memory lane? Take a look at some of these…

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ALL the Disney World Restaurant Menu Changes From December!

Here is every Disney World restaurant menu update for December, 2021!

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Review: One of Disney World’s CHEAPEST Restaurants is Also (Still) One of the BEST

Want a really yummy sit-down meal on the CHEAP at Disney World? It Exists…and it’s…

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9 Disney World Restaurants Every First-Timer Should Have on Their List!

Check out our list of must-visit restaurants for a first timer to Disney World!

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